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Wendy's London Marathon 2020 Virtual Run 

I thought I would get up early and get on with this one, 24 hours timeslot to run it on a dodgy hip! Give myself time!

It's 5am - looked out the window, pitch black and lashing down with rain 
Not only daft to start now but dangerous, my route was through unlit country, lanes so back to bed ! 
7am text from Wendy, landlady of the Pear Tree Inn, Charfield - Are you doing the London Marathon today ? 
Anyway the phone rings, turns out she also booked in for it! Basically she wanted to run with me or go back to bed, like me on such an awful day ! 
We decided to go for it and started off together !

My husband was our support vehicle drinks stations (fridge in the transit!) 
Our supporter, and general back up he waited 2 miles ahead of us all day! Giving us much needed encouragement, food, drinks dry clothes and a few minutes on the heated seat !!! 
He had also printed off pictures of the London landmarks which we posed with at the appropriate miles ! 
It was at times more challenging than the real marathon because some of the planned routes were flooded and we had to find 3 more miles ! Wendy to the rescue - she found us a 3 mile loop. Good job we did it then because no way could I have done it at the end !!

I struggled at 18 miles but after a change of clothes and Wendy’s arm of support we carried on digging deep - 4 miles from the end my knee developed a real issue!  Wendy kept me going.

Next problem - the App on Wendy’s phone almost ran out of battery on the last 2 miles. Craig was a mile in front so she left me and ran to the van, plugged the phone in and waited a few minutes for me, phew! You don’t want your marathon not recording on the last 2 miles !

We got to the bridge at the Railway Tavern in Charfield and my 26.2 mile cheers and fireworks went off on the app!!! I’d made it!!! But wendy was still running, she got to the Charfield Hall car park. Craig went to congratulate her and she’s saying ‘I’ve not had the cheers yet ‘ she still hadn’t finished so had to lap the car park 3 times !!!!!

Just seconds after virgin confirmed her finish her phone died ! How close was that! So glad she stopped that few minutes to charge it! 
It was one of the hardest yet one of the most rewarding  marathons I’ve done.

Wendy received her medal 4 days later I’m STILL waiting for mine ! 3 weeks later ! 
I really would like to thank Wendy and my fab' husband for their support I doubt I would have finished without them.

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