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Wendy's London Marathon 2021 Virtual Run 

This year I done a virtual marathon with my son Ewan's girlfriend, Char', taking my place because of my hip replacement.

I would do the virual whilst supporting my son, his girlfriend and Wendy, landlady of the Pear Tree in Charfield (running as Mrs Potatoe Head). I found them at 6, 11, 17, 21, and 24 miles and then at Nelson's Column. I had to find them on my app, run with them, giving food, drinks, encouragement, socks, blister packs and hugs. In between finding them I found a park and ran as many miles as I could.

When they got to 24 miles so did I, then I had to run around Nelson's Column and his waterfall to finish the last bit.

After a cleanup we then all went out for a lovely steak meal.

Wendy's Virtual London Marathon 2021

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